Tpac Announces New Hires

Phoenix, AZ. (March 10, 2017) – Tpac, a recognized leader in the design, manufacture, and erection of precast/prestressed architectural concrete building systems in the Southwest, is pleased to announce two new additions to its team. Justin Foote has joined Tpac’s Preconstruction/Business Development team. Justin brings over 20 years of field work, sales, estimating and management experience to the Tpac team and has extensive precast and construction related business development experience. In his new role, Justin will create awareness of the many benefits of utilizing precast concrete in all types and sizes of commercial, municipal, and residential construction projects across the region. His responsibilities include developing and managing new business opportunities, business process initiative, sales, and new market development. Tom Haines has also joined Tpac’s Preconstruction/Business Development team.

Tom has over 40 years of construction, production, management, sales and estimating experience, and over 30 years of experience in the precast industry. In his new role, Tom is responsible for promoting precast products, preconstruction work, business development and opportunities, sales, and market development.

Tpac is also pleased to announce the addition of Richard Ballou II as a Project Manager. Richard’s experience includes over ten years of business development and management experience. His past roles include sales, project management, business development and experience in the precast industry. In his new role, Richard is responsible for managing projects from inception to closeout, scheduling, budget, working with engineers and plant personnel to ensure production requirements and a project delivery plan, and serving as the point of contact for all phases of precast design and delivery.

About Tpac

Tpac, founded in 1954, is the Southwest’s largest producer of precast/prestressed concrete building elements used in architectural, structural, and transportation applications. Its products are used in parking structures, bridges, and large commercial buildings, including offices and hospitals, stadia, justice/correctional, industrial and mixed-use facilities. Tpac provides design assitance and preconstruction services to specifiers, customers, and the design community in Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and West Texas. Tpac is a recognized regional leader in the design, manufacture and erection of total precast concrete structural systems, and has been a certified producer of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute from the inception of the PCI certification program. For more information, please visit

New CSU Beam Form and Cage Materials

Denver, Colo. (March 3, 2017) – Stresscon Corporation has designed and donated a beam form and cage materials to precast concrete students in Colorado State University’s Concrete Design Program. Students in the CIVE 467 – Reinforced Concrete Design course have access to the precast beam form and cage materials in order to develop an understanding of how reinforcement is arranged inside the form and beam. This gives the students an interactive approach while working as a crew, a tool to help them better understand and interpret variables in design calculations.

Dr. Rebecca Atadero approached her precast industry contact, Greg Black, a retired precast designer, with the form idea. Stresscon was able to develop the idea into a teaching tool for the students. “After some graduate students at CSU participated in the PCI Big Beam contest and I got to watch them trying to tie together a rebar cage, I realized how much undergraduate students might benefit from the experience too”, says Atadero. She has split her class into groups of six students who visit the concrete lab to review beam production drawings, set up the form, and tie the rebar cage for the beam. “I am happy to see the students are asking good questions and seem to be enjoying themselves too”, she says.

The objective of the teaching form is to demonstrate the structural characteristics of the beam and the reinforcement design in a 3-D form for a direct and hands-on approach. The beam form and reinforcing materials were produced at Stresscon’s precast manufacturing plant in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This project highlights Stresscon’s focus on contributing teaching materials to students to increase awareness of precast products and design.

About Stresscon

Stresscon Corporation designs, fabricates, and erects quality structural and architectural precast concrete structures for the construction communities of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. Founded in 1967, and a member of the EnCon Companies since 1993, Stresscon is PCI certified and specializes in institutional and commercial applications. To learn more, visit