Press Release – Prairie Center Ross Dress for Less


EnCon Field Services Completes First Tilt‐up Project

Denver, Colo. (November 22, 2013) ‐ EnCon Field Services, LLC, a general construction company specializing in the installation of prestressed/precast concrete structures, concrete maintenance and restoration, and now tilt‐up construction, has completed the tilt‐up wall panels for the Prairie Center Ross Dress for Less project. This is the first tilt‐up project for EnCon Field Services.

The Ross store’s rigid wall, large box structure is the typical building type for the tilt‐up concrete panels. Due to their effective cost structure, rapid project turnaround time, and the quality and durability the walls provide, tilt‐up concrete is a great option for a big box envelope. The 13,000 (vertical) square foot building is comprised of 21 panels spanning 33 to 35 feet high, up to 25 feet wide, and 8 inches thick. Each panel weighs approximately 80,000 pounds. The panels were cast horizontally on the building floor slab over a three week period due to concrete rationing. The 21 panel project was erected over a two day period with installation on a concrete spread footing system. A 200 ton conventional crane, supplied by Gibbons Erectors, Inc., was used to hoist the heavy panels into place.

EnCon Field Services was responsible for forming, reinforcement, embeds, concrete placement, and finishing. EnCon worked directly with W.E. O’Neil Construction on the project site. “EnCon having an in‐house engineering department helped us get through some concerns which eliminated delays in the field and got the job done right the first time,” said Senior Project Manager Matt Hughes.

Based in Denver, W.E. O’Neil Construction is a fully integrated award winning construction and management company recognized as an industry leader, and bringing an impressive history of experience to each project. WEO offers vast experience, resources and a commitment to quality and safety, and strives to deliver excellence in all products and services. More information can be found at

With the tilt‐up construction phase complete, both the interior and exterior of the Ross Dress for Less are now being finished. The Grand Opening is scheduled for January, 2014.

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